What if there is a Rewards Program in the Philippines that can be accepted across dozens of merchants to buy fuel, food, medicines, groceries, coffee, hotel stays and prepaid load? And all accummulated points can either be: 1) Spent on participating merchants 2) Transfer to another member within the system or 3) Convert the points into cash. And what if such program will allow you and your friends to join for free? Then if you tell your friends and they sign up under your link, you earn additional rebates through their purchases.

Sounds too good to be true? Actually, it is not. The system can afford to have people join for free because the participating merchants will pay a small percentage of the sale each time members of Paybux makes a purchase. Instead of having a millions of pesos in marketing budget for radio, print and TV ads, they would rather reward the members directly through system in the form of rebates. Therefore, income of members are driven by the merchants and sales produced. Imagine if 1 million more people will buy fuel from Petron everyday just because they want to earn rebates. Isn't this amazing? Would you be interested if there is such as program?

Introducing, Paybux. This is a universal rewards program and cooperative rewards platform for the Philippines. Brought to you by the same person who invented the Load to All Networks technology, Vmobile.

PayBux App is more than just a social networking site, it is a rewards App and platform for individual and community purchases. A revolutionary consumer rewards program or Cooperative Buying Programs like SM Advantage, Groupon, Ensogo, Metro Deal and other companies that gives discounts, cashback, rebate and reward.

PayBux App dubbed as SOCIALIZED REWARDS SYSTEM (SRS) where consumers benefits from unparalleled rebate or payback which equivalent from 10% up to 100% of their purchases. Unlike other loyalty program that rebates up to 0.5% only, this unique consumer empowerment program offers the benefits without the need to engage in referral activities. PayBux App will be available in Google Play and Apple's App Store. Grand launching will be on March 29, 2014 at SMX MOA in Manila. Cebu launching will follow around April 13, 2014. Join today and be one of the pioneers. Joining is FREE and it will only cost you 2 minutes of your time.

Parcticipating Merchants

Greenwich Pizza
Red Ribbon Bakeshop
Mang Inasal - Home of Pinoy-Style Barbecue
Burger King
Petron Corporation
Smart Communications
Globe Telecom
Sun Cellular
Resort's World Manila
Mercury Drug
The Generics Pharmacy
South Star Drug
Andok's Chicken
Figaro Coffee

and many more upcoming merchants...


Features Builder
Membership Cost Free (P0.00) - Register Here
Mobile App (Electronic Card) Free from Google Play. (iOS and Microsoft app versions coming soon)
Paybux Smart Card (Physical Card) P300 (one-time)
Mobile App Features Standard
Earn Rebates From Own Purchases Yes
Earn Rebates From Others Yes, Direct Referrals only
Maximum Rebate Per Transaction up to 3 Hexcells or P90
Redemption of Points Spend on participating merchants, transfer to another account or redeem as cash

Register For Free

1. You will choose a username to register. This should be at least 5 characters long.

2. Nominate a password and the confirm on the second box.

3. PIN are used to do transactions in your account such as sending Bux or Withdrawing Money.

4. Enter your First, Middle and Last Names. Make sure to get this right the first time since changing are not allowed later. Your personal information here will be used to issue payments or earnings on a later stage.

5. Press "JOIN THE HIVE" button and verify you account by clicking the link that was sent to your email by Paybux.

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